#Collection Corner- Luke Skywalker Funko POP! Vinyl

Welcome to the first #Collection Corner post, or essentially it’s the same as the old #Toy Tuesday posts but now coming out on Fridays.

This week I am taking a look at six, yes six Funko Pop! Vinyl figures. Six Luke Skywalker Pops to be exact ranging from A New Hope all the way to The Last Jedi and boy are they great.

First up is Farmboy Luke from A New Hope wearing his Tatooine clothes. This was from one of the earlier waves of Star Wars Pop! Vinyls that Funko brought out. It has the basic pose that all the Pop! Figures had in the early waves. You have to give Funk credit when it comes to detail, the belt is fairly accurate and the lightsaber hilt looks spot on for its size and visibility.

Next up is the SWCE 2016 Exclusive (yeah right) Luke Skywalker Celebration, again in the usual Pop! pose this time wearing the outfit from the end of A New Hope and the one Luke wears in the current run of the Marvel Comics Star Wars series. Again the attention to detail is great and it goes well with the Han Solo SWCE 2016 exclusive. If only they brought out a Princess Leia to go with them… and a Chewie… oh wait he didn’t get a medal in the film, it was revealed in the Chewbacca mini-series from Marvel that he did get one but it was sent away to be resized… or just no love for Wookiee heroes. Just saying.

Next up is the second SWCE 2016 Exclusive Luke Skywalker, this time from The Empire Strikes Back, more specifically from after the duel with Vader. A slightly altered pose shows off Lukes missing hand and the detail is once again phenomenal, just look at his face, the black eye and those marks are not scuff marks, that’s to show his injuries. Yes it is that detailed. They could have gone all out and had his clothes torn as well but it’s a Pop! not a Hot Toys figure.

I’m really glad I didn’t hunt down the first Luke from Return of the Jedi where he’s just in his black outfit with the lightsaber, this one has much more going for it in my eyes. I love the paint detail on the poncho and again the lightsaber hilt is spot on detail-wise and at least it varies the collection a little bit.

Is it sad that I remember pre-ordering this Pop! or is it normal? I got an e-mail from Pop in a Box about pre-ordering the new wave of The Force Awakens Pop! figures and Luke and General Leia were both on that list. I had to limit myself so I went for Luke, it was the first figure of Luke from The Force Awakens and by hell or high water I was getting it. Then I had to wait… SWCE 2016 was approaching and I hoped it would arrive before I went so I could get Mark Hamill to sign it. Then two things happened to scupper those plans. It didn’t arrive in time and I saw how much a Mark Hamill autograph cost and figured I would want to buy some other stuff instead of spending all my money on another queue. Again, it’s the little details that make this figure stand out, the shading in the beard, the wrinkles on the face and the robot hand all look brilliant. It turned out that it arrived at my work on the first day of SWCE 2016.

And here we go with the last Luke in my collection, complete with weather vane and red Kyber crystal necklace. Ready to milk some Thala-Sirens and go fishing in his Ahch-To gear. Brilliant details once again make this a solid figure.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the latest Luke Pop! the Force Projection Luke from The Last Jedi, again it looks great and it would certainly “make a fine addition to my collection.”

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