Lando and L3’s Reunion – The Empire Strikes Back

If you have listened to the Steele Wars Live Solo Reaction Show then you will have heard ‘Fanboys’ Director, Kyle Newman drop some absolute knowledge about L3 and her installation into the Falcon and what it means over the course of the Original Trilogy.

If you haven’t heard it, visit THIS LINK and listen, it at about 31:00 and it blows your mind (in the video stream available on YOUTUBE Anthony Breznican mimics this to Hawes Burkhardt) and well worth a listen.

If you don’t have time, here’s what he said about L3’s integration into the Falcon.

“The system picks Bespin, you know that? Like where we gonna go? And the computer brings up Bespin, which is Lando.”

Mind blown yet? Thought so.

L3 tells Han, Leia, Chewie and C-3PO to go to Bespin, or as she calls it ‘the Lando System’. Obviously everyone’s favourite Droids Rights protestor still harbours whatever droids have in place of feelings for the smooth talking former smuggler and her former companion.

Now we don’t know if Lando interacts with the Falcon between the events of Solo and Empire Strikes Back, but if he doesn’t and by the time Han is taken away by Boba Fett and Lando, Leia, Chewie and the droids escape Cloud City, go back and save Luke the finally escape Vader and rendezvous with the Rebel Fleet, Lando probably didn’t have enough time to take a break and reconnect with his former partner.

But what about when Luke is having his new hand attached? We know Lando raids Han’s wardrobe but would Lando take the time to reconnect with L3? Surely just because she is one with the ship this doesn’t mean she is unable to communicate via the computer? We know she talks to C-3PO in ESB and in The Last Jedi novelisation we learn that R2-D2 communicates with one of the droid brains on the Falcon, which given the fact said brain likes dirty jokes, we can only assume it’s L3 he’s talking to.

I like to think they would have had a somewhat sweet reunion and maybe Han gave Lando the Falcon to pilot against the Second Death Star because he knew that Lando and L3 working together would be able to pull off such a crazy stunt as going up against a bigger, badder Death Star.

On the other hand, would L3 be angry with Lando because he did use the Falcon as currency in a Sabacc game, granted he thought he would win by cheating but got caught out by Han. Surely Lando would explain himself to L3?


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