#Toy Tuesday – Han’s Speeder

I have been after set since it was released in April, so much so that I was willing to pay the full price of £25.99, which, if you have read previous #toytuesday posts, you will know that I try to buy sets reduced. But £26 for 345 pieces is nothing to scoff at based on piece count.

It comes in three numbered bags with an instruction booklet separate and doesn’t have any stickers, all details are printed or done with blocks.

The first bag gives us the base of the Speeder as well as the Han Solo mini-fig with blaster and the new Corellian Hound figure. The printing on Han is great and recreates his outfit from the opening of the film brilliantly. The Hound is a moulded 2×1 size and easily sits on a single stud.

The second bag gives us the Qi’Ra mini-fig and adds more details to the back, front and sides of the speeder, it’s at this point the build starts to really take shape.

The third bag adds the bonnet/hood of the Speeder, adds the spoiler and engines, adds wheels to the undercarriage and adds details to the cockpit.

From the top we can see the printed pieces that make up some of the cockpit details. The steering yoke is made out of a 1×1 clip and an antenna piece. The bonnet/hood also has printed pieces that add a lot of detail to the Speeder.

When the bonnet/hood is removed, we get a decent sized storage compartment built to house the included spanner and spare missile, a long with a built engine. The storage area is also big enough to hold Han and Qi’Ra’s blasters.

The underside has two sets of wheels that are hidden within the base of the vehicle to give it the ability to roll across a surface with the illusion of hovering. The two missile launchers are also hidden down here. Unfortunately when loaded the missiles stick out at the back so I have chosen to not have them loaded when displaying the set.

The finished set is well detailed and great fun to build. It’s surprisingly large and heavy for the number of pieces which I think is great. It’s incredibly sturdy and a fun set to build for fans young and old.

For a set this size it comes with a good number of play features, missiles, the under bonnet/hood area and a hidden compartment for our heroes to smuggle the Coaxium from Moloch and Rebolt (included in the sister-set to this, Moloch’s Speeder).

Well worth the price and a great set, I can’t recommend it enough.

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