Speculation: Boba Fett – A Star Wars Story

This is all pure speculation for what I think could make a decent Boba Fett film. I’ve tried my best to keep the events as ‘in canon’ as possible.

Title Card: By the age of 21, Boba Fett was one of the most notorious Bounty Hunters among the criminal Underworld, finding work with some of the most ruthless Crime Lords and Imperial leaders.

Title Card: At 35, he handed over the Carbonite encased Smuggler, Han Solo to Jabba the Hutt. A year later a freed Solo managed to get the drop on Fett, sending him into the mouth of the dreaded Sarlacc.

Darkness. Nothing but darkness and pain. Grunting, Boba Fett climbs up bit by bit, a faint light ahead.

Finally he climbs out of the Sarlacc’s mouth and out of the pit leading to the beast. Taking one look back at the wreckage of Jabba’s Sail Barge, he begins to walk across the Dune Sea.

He reaches a settlement and visits a junk trader. Removing his armour he gets paid and buys some farmers fatigues before making his way to a Cantina. He overhears a pair of farmers talking about an abandoned Moisture Farm, everything in decent working order but needs some work. Fett “interrogates” them both and takes one of their Speeders and goes to the former Lars Homestead.

He arrives at the wreckage of the homestead. It’s been abandoned since the events of ANH. Fett enters and surveys the damage. Mostly cosmetic from smoke.

He enters the garage, Owen’s Speeder and Luke’s old T-16 Skyhopper are still there, and droids. Lots of droids.

He returns to the junk trader and sells the T-16 for power generators and spare droid parts. The junk trader asks him his name, after a moment Fett replies, Jaster Mareel.

Five Years Later – Jaster Mareel is a well known and very wealthy Moisture Farmer. He’s well liked and has a dedicated team working for him. No one suspects a thing about his former life. He overhears a rumour of a gang made up of locals who, since Jabba and his operation went up in smoke, have been cleaning up the mess. Former associates of the Hutt are turning up dead or dying, and the leader, Boba Fett.

In a Cantina, far from Jaster, a man in familiar looking armour walks through the room that is filled with dead bodies, this is Cobb Vanth and he is the self-proclaimed Sheriff of Tatooine. He talks with a member of his gang. This new crime group has spread across the planet, cells are popping up in all of the large settlements and they have had complaints from moisture farmers who have been blackmailed for ‘protection fees’.

At the former Lars Homestead, Boba is working on a droid when he is called to the entrance. When he arrives he is met with a weasely looking criminal sort with a tough looking alien. They try to convince Fett to pay protection fees. When Fett declines he is attacked, he defends himself and sends the criminals running. He tells his workers that they have a choice, leave and be safe or stay, fight and possibly die. They stay. He has them fortify the farm and they wait for the attack.

The attack happens at night and with Fett’s experience the farmers are victorious in sending the criminals on their way with heavy losses.

News of this reaches Cobb and he decides to visit Mareel’s farm. When he arrives he meets ‘Mareel’ Fett plays it cool. Vanth offers him a place on his crew, but Fett declines, quoting his father, saying ‘I’m just a simple man trying to make my way in the galaxy.’ Vanth appreciates this but gives him a comm-unit. If he ever needs Vanth’s help all he has to do is call.

The gang starts to tighten its grip across Tatooine. Vanth and his crew are being overwhelmed.

In a settlement, one day, Boba is trading when a mob of gangsters approach him, knowing it was him and his crew who fought off their cohorts. Fett is able to subdue some of them but there are too many of them. Some locals who are friends of his come to his aid fight off the mob, Fett survives but is badly beaten.

Another mob have managed to capture Vanth and he is brought before their leader, Rotta the Hutt. Vanth is beaten within an inch of his life and taken out to the Judland Wastes to die.

On his way back to the homestead, Fett comes across Vanth and takes him back to the farm.

Alone in a room, Fett confesses to Vanth who he really is and that the armour Vanth wears was his. As Vanth dies he tells Fett to reclaim his armour. Fett looks at the helmet on a table, pondering his future.

Rumour of Vanth’s death travels from settlement to settlement and more and more the population starts to allow Rotta’s criminals take control.

News reaches Rotta, who has taken over his fathers’ palace on Tatooine, that they have lost Mos Espa and another couple of settlements. When Rotta asks how he is told that Vanth is back from the dead and his crew grows with every victory. Soon he has an army following him.

When they reach Rotta’s Palace they are met with an army of criminals and bounty hunters. Fett is able to pick out the leaders and makes it his job to take them out. Once a path is cleared to the door, he uses his jet-pack mounted missile launcher to blow a hole in the door. He makes an announcement, no one else is to fight, only himself and the Hutt.

Rotta agrees to the terms, and Fett, who is carrying a lot of concealed explosives walks through the wrecked door of the palace towards Rotta’s throne.

Fett and Rotta discuss the Hutts operation on Tatooine and Fett gives him the choice to leave and never return or die. Rotta finds it amusing and reveals an ambush. Fett is stripped of his weapons and armour and is about to be killed when he sets off a beacon he has kept hidden in. Suddenly, Jabba’s former Rancor Keeper, Malakilli rubs into the room followed by a not too large but still terrifying Rancor.

The beast sends the gangsters running and it sets its sights on Rotta who is too slow to escape the Rancor.

Fett and his army of locals destroy the Palace after taking what was left of the Hutt cartels valuables that hadn’t already been stolen. Fett watches it burn through the night, throwing his armour into the smouldering wreckage. He keeps the helmet.

When he returns to his farm, he takes the helmet and hangs it on a stake in the ground as a marker for Cobb Vanth’s grave. Fett walks into the Homestead, his life as Boba Fett over once again, the life of Jaster Mareel is beginning.

I hope you have found this little bit of speculation enjoyable. It was fun to write and I would love to see if a Boba Fett film would be anything remotely like this, which I doubt but as a Star Wars fan it’s fun to speculate.

Having it set post-ROTJ would bring back Temura Morrison in the Fett role, having only voiced the character so far. True he’s not a big-named actor but there are plenty nod other roles to fill with a big name. Cobb Vanth could be the role that is filled with the big name and his crew could have an ensemble cast of well known actors/actresses. And there would have to be a couple of high up members of Rotta’s gang who could be played by well-known actors/actresses.

If the rumours that James Mangold is directing the rumoured Boba Fett film I doubt, but would love to see a retired Fett coming back for one last job, but would it be too similar to ‘Logan’ for him?

Having a film centred on an older Fett doesn’t rule out having Daniel Logan come back to play the younger version of the character for any more films featuring the character, but there’s so much story to tell about him that it’d be sad to see them focus solely on the character between ROTS and ANH. Plus Morrison is an phenomenal actor and would pull this off brilliantly.

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