#Toy Tuesday: Lego AT-ST (Readers Choice Winner)

When the first wave of Rogue One sets were announced I did have to wonder why Lego were putting out an AT-ST set.

When I saw the film I got it. One AT-ST in the Jedha street skirmish.

The set has now been retired to make way for the updated First Order AT-ST from The Last Jedi, yes the one with no head. It came with 449 pieces and three mini-figures. A Rebel Fighter, an AT-ST Driver and the big mini-fig draw, Baze Malbus.

The build is pretty solid, the legs are sturdy and it stands well. The head is incredibly well designed, especially with the angles on the side panels.

The chin blasters also have two missiles that can be fired and are well hidden and unobtrusive, which I find is key when integrating them into the sets.

The cockpit, even though it only houses one mini-fig when the onscreen version holds two, is nicely detailed. The top hats also opens giving the player/displayer the opportunity to have the figure standing guard.

The knob on the back of the ‘body’ rotates the head. Which works well and keeps the head stable rather than having it on a spinning block where it would swing wildly.

There are a few stickers to this set but they all add more detail than having plain blocks.

A very screen accurate exterior, the only quibble is that the interior of the cockpit doesn’t hold two pilots but at the same time if they were to do that, this set, that at £45 was very reasonably priced, would have been quite disappointing at twice the size and price.

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