#Toy Tuesday – Lego Carbon Freezing Chamber

I got this set as a gift for my Birthday in 2016. It was the first set from the Original Trilogy that I got and what more could I ask for, Boba Fett and Han Solo mini-figs, excellent.

This set has now been retired but when it was released it was priced very reasonably at £19.99, which is pretty good for a set with 231 pieces and three mini-figs.

It’s a relatively small set but it packs a lot of detail in with a few little play features.

It includes a manually operated lift.

A fold out bed, much like the prison cell that Han, Chewie and Leia are held in during The Empire Strikes Back.

And of course, the main play feature, the Carbon Freeze mechanism itself. This is done by pulling and twisting a rod from the front of the set. It starts here with Han preparing to be frozen.

A quick manoeuvre with the rod and hey-presto, the Carbonite encased Han.

The printed detail is fantastic on the Carbonite block.

The use of the orange transparent pieces with the grey and black really evoke the look of the Carbon Freeze Chamber from the film.

As I said it is quite small, the section with the bed and console is on hinges so it can fold in or out depending on how you want it displayed.

I really like this set, for its level of detail and if I was a kid, the play features would keep me entertained, especially if I had extra mini-figs to add to the fun. A Bespin Luke and Darth Vader would look pretty cool posed at the top of the stairs.

If you are a new collector or just happened to miss out on this set I really recommend trying to find it in a shop or online. It’s a good build and it looks great.

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