Speculation: A Star Wars Story

In the past few months rumours have been piquing the interest of us Star Wars fans.

In August last year a rumour circulated about a Kenobi film in pre-production with Stephen Daldry (Billy Elliot, The Hours) rumoured to be directing. Around this time Ewan McGregor who has said since Disney bought Lucasfilm that he’d love to reprise the role. He even did an Obi-Wan line in the Force Vision in The Force Awakens.

Then mere weeks before ‘Solo’ was released, a new rumour, that Kenobi was in active pre-production at Pinewood Studios and crew contracts had been extended to accommodate the filming time in late 2019 for a 2020 release.

The first rumour came from The Hollywood Reporter, in an article by Borys Kit. The second from a fellow Star Wars Fan Site Fantha Tracks and written by Brian Cameron.

Borys Kit had a fresh rumour that came out on The Hollywood Reporter on 24th May that James Mangold (Logan, 3:10 to Yuma) is co-writing a script with Simon Kinberg (Star Wars: Rebels, Fantastic Four) with Mangold Directing.

The Boba Fett film has been long rumoured, and was in development when Disney bought Lucasfilm with Fantastic Four’s Josh Trank in the Directors chair. But after backlash towards the film and his very public disdain toward 20th Century Fox he was let go and the film put on the back burner. Kathleen Kennedy even confirmed that there was even a sizzle clip developed and was to screen with Gareth Edwards Rogue One sizzle clip at Star Wars Celebration 2015 during what was meant to be a Future Directors Panel that became rather quickly a Rogue One Panel. The Boba Fett film should have been released in May this year but Solo took its place.

The one thing that these rumoured films, however credible the sources have is a lack of confirmation from Lucasfilm.

Both are believable concepts, fans have wanted a Boba Fett film and a Kenobi film since the prospects of the stand-alone films was even mentioned. But are the rumours true?

One part of the Kenobi rumour mill I can believe is active pre-production and contract extensions at Pinewood. Star Wars has taken Pinewood over in recent years and it’s hard to believe that it will change in the near future and it’s always good to keep the same crew who know how the studio works and departments operate.

Aside from that I’m holding on the excitement for either film. Why? Because I’m a skeptic at times and until I see an official announcement from Lucasfilm confirming that one or both are being made then I’ll sit back and wait.

But I would love to see both those films. Just saying.

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