My Star Wars Life Part 16: Solo (Jan – May 2018)

Honestly, not a great deal has happened this year.

I started the year as I have done the past few years, binge-reading new Star Wars Books. I blazed my way through Cobalt Squadron, Canto Bight, Shadows of The Empire (I had the urge to dip into the Legends timeline) and From A Certain Point of View, and of course the audiobook for The Last Jedi.

The post-Christmas Amazon voucher spending spree granted me the Defence of Crait Lego set and a couple of the books mentioned above, I also bought the Ahch-To Training, Resistance Transport Pod and First Order Specialists Battle Pack Lego sets, helping my collection grow nicely.

In February I decided to start writing this blog, which has been a nice little getaway from thinking about the real world just long enough to write some words about Star Wars.

February also brought us the first two trailers for Solo: A Star Wars Story. The first look we got managed to almost quiet the growing fear that the film was awful. Well from what little we saw at the Super Bowl Trailer then the second trailer on the following day I think those fears were put to bed with a nice glass of milk and a bedtime story.

The Last Jedi was released on DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital in March/April and the special features were worth the cost alone, forget the film (which is great), the behind the scenes documentary, The Director and the Jedi was a beautiful look at the filming of TLJ and gave us an intimate look at what it was like for Rian Johnson to undertake such a monumental task of making the second part of the Sequel Trilogy.

March also heralded the end of an era. Star Wars: Rebels came to a monumental and glorious end that tugged the fans’ heartstrings for three weeks, from Kanan sacrificing himself, finding out more about Ahsoka’s fate and then that hour-and-a-half season finale. Dave Filoni gave us some amazing characters and stories over the past four years throughout Rebels and he ended it perfectly. And it was only a matter of time before Lucasfilm announced Filoni’s next series, Star Wars: Resistance, which I hope will be just as amazing.

In April we started to see the big marketing and merchandising push for Solo, starting with a new trailer and followed by all the toys and TV spots and as April turned to May, the onslaught of interviews and behind-the-scenes features just gives us more and more hope that Ron Howard has knocked this film out of the park.

He has. Solo is amazing. It’s a fun filled adventure with phenomenal performances and a brilliant story. So far I have seen it once and can not wait to see it again, and hopefully it won’t be long before I do.

The weekend before my birthday I got my first Lego set from Solo, the Imperial Patrol Battle Pack, a fun little set which ended my three month Lego drought and I got the Solo: A Star Wars Story soundtrack by John Powell (with the track ‘The Adventures of Han’ written and composed by John Williams) which I have really enjoyed listening to.

Since the release I have been eagerly awaiting Solo reaction episodes from my favourite podcasts. I’ve listened to quite a few but none more inspiring that the Solo Reaction Show From the Star Wars Underworld Podcast, I say inspiring because I have written a blog post based on their conversation which will be released on 15th June.

And now, on the 31st May (my birthday), the expert gift giver (my Wife) organised a collective gift, the Kessel Run Millennium Falcon Lego set. I’m two bags in and it’s looking to be a great set and the building will continue after the Falcon because I just ordered the Imperial TIE Fighter from the Solo: A Star Wars Story line.

And that’s that for this run of ‘My Star Wars Life’. Next week a series called ‘My Star Wars (Life) Reviews will start, reviewing the films, tv shows, books, comics and any other medium we get Star Wars stories.

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