#Toy Tuesday: Lego Imperial Patrol Battle Pack

My first Solo: A Star Wars Story Lego set. OK it’s the Imperial Battle Pack releases for the film but I’m still pretty excited for it.

It’s a Battle Pack so its not a big build and its main focus is the mini-figs. As usual there are four in the set. An Imperial Officer, an Imperial Check Point Operative and two of the new Patrol Troopers that were introduced in Solo.

For the first time that I have noticed, this Battle Pack contains a build that is actually in a film, the patrol bike that we see chasing Han and Qi’Ra in the trailers for the film.

The set contains two bags of pieces and a loose instruction booklet, which has 32 steps to build the set. The set contains 99 pieces.

It’s a simple build, but the design looks impressive and is achieved by pieces folding down on either side to give it the angled look.

The Patrol Bike has room for one mini-fig to sit at the controls and two mounted stud-launchers, one in either side at the front.

I love the little details, especially the 1×1 printed Imperial logo. My only issue is that it sits on the ground when in the film it obviously hovers, a couple of clear pieces would have been nice to give that impression.

The mini-fig details are really good, I love the details on the new Patrol Troopers armour and helmets.

The set has an RRP of £12.99, basing the price on piece count and mini-figs I think it’s a reasonable price, especially with new prints on pieces and new helmet sculpts.

A decent price, a great build and a new Stormtrooper variant. A set I can highly recommend for kids and collectors alike.

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