My Star Wars Life Part 15 – The Last Jedi

Oh 2017. What a year.

The first few months were spent prepping for the baby, whose due date was 1st May. Now my wife’s family has a history for late babies and I was a month early… so I figured that our baby may be Kate but not as late as my wife and her siblings were… ok, I was aiming for May the Fourth. By now you can’t be surprised at that.

My friend Andrew texted me one afternoon telling me that Episode VIII had a title, ‘The Last Jedi’. I liked it. It worked on a lot of levels.

January to March were also filled with Lego goodness. I completed the list of Rogue One sets I was after (Imperial Tank, AT-ST and TIE Striker). Then Lego Store did a sale on sets that were going to be retired so I leapt at the chance to get the Resistance Transport from The Force Awakens an the A-Wing & Vader’s TIE Advanced Fighter set from Star Wars Rebels.

In the February, my wife and I went to London to visit family and to go to Star Wars: Identities. I had been given money to buy tickets for Christmas, so we went and it was amazing. There was a Yoda puppet from Empire!!! I’ve written the third ‘My Star Wars Nerdgasms’ about Star Wars: Identities and it will be out on Friday. We also went to the newly opened Lego Store where my Wife bought me the Phantom II from Rebels Season 3, which included the Thrawn mini-fig.

Funko also announced their Rebels Smugglers Bounty Box, and being a huge Rebels fan and having got the Ghost Crew plus Ahsoka and Chase Variant Sabine Pop! Vinyl figures I was desperate to get the two exclusives from that collectors box, Maul an Captain Rex. Unfortunately those boxes weren’t available in the UK but there were a few companies who would import them. So I ordered one.

We found out that due to medical reasons (nothing sinister) my wife would have to have labour induced a couple of weeks early, which was the same weekend of Star Wars Celebration.

She was to go into hospital on the Friday, on the Thursday she did her best to relax and be zen, I did the same, by watching the live streams from Celebration. I missed the 40th Anniversary and Carrie Fisher Tribute Panels but enjoyed the Dave Filoni and Pablo Hidalgo panel, the Ian McDiarmid panel and Ray Park panel.

The next day, as my wife went to hospital I was at work an I managed to download the audio for those missed panels from the day before. I shed a tear or two during the Carrie Fisher tribute and then was overcome with jealousy towards all the audience in the panel when John Williams performed live.

When I finished work I went to buy my wife some bits and went to the hospital. She was watching a film so I hopped on the hospitals free Wi-Fi for half an hour and watched the just released The Last Jedi teaser. I watched it a few times in that half an hour. Then texted with Andrew as we tried to dissect the teaser as much as possible.

As per our arrangement, my Mother-in-law came to the hospital to stay with my wife for the day, we were splitting the time up between us so we could rest, and seeing as neither my wife and I got a lot of sleep it was good to go to bed for a few hours. I also got to watch the Fridays Celebration panels.

That night, my wife’s waters broke, so again another sleepless night, staring at monitors and drinking a lot of free coffee, I went home for some sleep when my mother-in-law came to relieve me.

Again I watched more panels, the one on the top of my list, the Rebels panel. Oh it was good and then Filoni dropped the bomb, Season 4 was the final season.

I got to the hospital that evening, my Mother-in-law left for a little bit, she was coming back as the two of us were my wife’s birthing partners. And after a few hours of active labour, at 3:31 am our daughter was born. A couple of hours later, when it was just myself, my wife and our daughter, my wife went to sleep (who can blame her) and I walked the hospital halls taking to my baby, who I instantly nicknamed ‘Princess’ because we hadn’t thought of a name yet for a girl. We hadn’t found out the sex at any of the scans but we had an inclination that we were having a boy. I will admit, I did consider bringing ‘Carrie’ and ‘Leia’ to the table but neither would have been picked.

We went home the next day and I was off work for two weeks Paternity leave. Whilst I was off and learning how to take care of a baby, my wife bought me a couple of Lego sets. Luke’s Landspeeder (last weeks #ToyTuesday post) and Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle. The Rebels Smugglers Bounty Box also arrived.

After two weeks off it was back to work and my birthday was approaching, which of course meant more Lego. The collection grew quite a bit, Max’s Castle, a Rebel Alliance Battle Pack and the Special Forces TIE Fighter joined the growing ranks. I even managed to buy the Desert Skiff set a few days beforehand on sale.

I hadn’t been focusing on just the Lego collection. The Funko Pop! collection had grown as had my book collection. I had focused on the Exclusive Star Wars Pop!s, like Mace Windu and young Anakin, but the one I was happiest to get was the Celebration 2017 Exclusive Grand Admiral Thrawn. But things slowed down after that, like they tend to do when babies are involved.

I had saved the Amazon vouchers I got for my birthday for Force Friday and on the day I ordered Kylo Ren’s TIE Silencer. A great set that looks great and was a brilliant build. I also wrangled myself a SDCC Exclusive Hologram Supreme Leader Snoke Pop! Vinyl which glows in the dark.

My annual bonus arrived in October and I got myself the First Order Heavy Assault Walker (AT-M6) and I got the Phasma novel.

After that the purchases stopped, we went on a family holiday to Center Parcs and on a pottery painting session I turned a Penguin into a Porg.

Not bad right?

Of course in October we also got the final The Last Jedi Trailer which was amazing. Midnight ticket was bought, Dad booked tickets for us for release day as well.

Then the TV spots started. I watched a handful but had to put myself of a TV spot embargo when I saw the one where Rey ignited Kylo’s lightsaber.

Of course I saw the film and at 3:30 am I walked from the cinema to my car in absolute shock. I couldn’t believe I had just seen Luke Skywalker become one with the Force. When my wife and daughter woke up, my wife asked if I enjoyed it and I honestly told her I wasn’t sure. She had me tell her the whole film and by the end I had come to the realisation that I did enjoy it, I just needed to process it. Needless to say I loved it when I saw it later that day.

As Christmas approached the Amazon Wish List was scoured and for Christmas I got the Lego First Order Star Destroyer. And after Christmas I got my hands on the Lego First Order AT-ST.

I tried my hardest to avoid the internet vitriol that was all over the Star Wars Fan Groups after The Last Jedi came out, but it was hard, and put a bit of a cloud over the fandom for me, but of course we only had to wait almost six months for Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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