My Star Wars Nerdgasms Part 2.2 – Celebration 2016 (Saturday)

Buckle up baby, this is going to be a long one.

I woke up at 2:30 and was in the queue by 3:15 (I got slightly lost). There I met my fellow queuers Carlos, Jonny (what a coincidence) and Craig. We waited, we chatted, we tried to get some sleep but it wasn’t happening.

One big topic of conversation was the exclusive Black Series Kylo Ren figure, you needed to get a ticket to buy it and we were eyeing that queue with trepidation.

We finally got our Rebels wristbands and the four of us walked rather brusquely to the Kylo queue. Tickets acquired they headed off as I went into a third line to get a wristband for the EA panel.

The wait was laborious. I could have gone back to the hotel for another hour or so of sleep but I had got my plan together and I just knew if I deviated from the plan it would go horribly wrong. So I loaded myself up on caffeine and croissant and waited.

The doors opened at 10 (ish) so the massive line to get in the convention hall was my next destination, where the tenuous waiting began.

Not far from me, I could overhear a conversation between two older guys and a younger guy. The two older guys had been to a few Celebrations and their whole spiel was how Lucas had been wrong with everything he did since 1983. Special Editions were bad. Prequels were terrible, even in 3D. And this poor younger guy was a relatively new fan and here he was being preached how bad it all was.

I couldn’t quite figure out why would you spend so much money to travel and go to conventions and see the films if you hate it that much? I still can’t quite get my head around it. But what do I know?

The wait for the queue went on, and on but frivolity arrived by the appearance of two Jedi Jokers. They were hilarious, they were both there to do the autograph and photo-op with Mark Hamill.

The first stop I had planned was the queue for the Celebration Store. I was sidetracked by Dave Filoni who was near an exit taking pictures with some fans. I didn’t get a photo but I saw him and he said he had to go. I ended up getting a pass to the store later in the day, as I waited for my slot by the door someone came by saying ‘excuse me.’ I moved out of the way as PETER MAYHEW(!!!) went by on a scooter.

I went to a couple of panels, a publishing one which was slightly disappointing, they didn’t touch on the novels but talked about the Rogue One DK books, the Adventures in Wild Space series and other younger reader stuff. And after a mandated break that my wife said I had to take (I hadn’t stopped since the convention opened and was getting tired and hangry). I went to the Marvel panel, where some future issues were previewed. I left during the Q&A to run to the Rebels panel.

That was the Celebration highlight for me. Filoni on stage with Tiya Sicar and Sam Witwer. Hosted by Warwick Davis.

The room exploded after the Season 3 Trailer. The crowd chanted ‘Thrawn’ for a good minute. A video from Timothy Zahn followed, showing his involvement with the series and the first Thrawn novel was announced.

Then they showed the Season 3 Premiere, Oh it was glorious.

After that I went back to my wife for a little bit, slumped over the table until it was time for the EA panel, which was fun, with a couple of minor announcements for Battlefront, Galaxy of Heroes and KOTOR. Although the big video presentation that they showed had been released a couple of weeks earlier and they had Amy Hennig there to show us an already seen clip from what was called ‘Project Ragtag’ that has since been cancelled to tell us that they were still working on it… yeah that was it.

And with that my time at Celebration came to an end. Room Service was bought and eaten. Then I fell asleep, forgetting to set an alarm. Oops.

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