#Toy Tuesday: Lego Millennium Falcon (2015)

This set is the one that dragged me back into the world of Star Wars Lego. The last set I had bought was in 2005, the Grievous Chase set with Obi-Wan on Boga and Grievous in his Wheel Bike. I had admired the Star Wars Lego from afar for ten years until I got the Lego Force Awakens Millennium Falcon for Christmas.

The set took roughly 8 hours to build. I had to keep track as my Mother-in-law was adamant that I took my time and enjoyed building it, and oh boy did I enjoy building it.

Once you got past the first couple of bags which made up the framework that the base of the set was built on you could see the iconic ship taking shape.

The interior is well detailed, with the Dejarik table and couch towards the front with the navigation console that Han sits at in A New Hope as Luke trains with the remote and at the back a set of cargo containers, the hyperdrive and two beds it makes the space inside feel used but not cluttered, leaving enough room to display mini-figs if you so desired.

The cockpit can fit two mini-figs, with a console and lever right at the front. The canopy is printed a printed piece, thankfully, as adding stickers to a clear piece can be difficult at times.

The top gun turret opens up and inside is a block where you can seat two mini-figs to ‘man the cannons’.

Both sets of cannons can rotate and are on hinges so they can be played with in a screen accurate fashion.

Inside, there is also a hidden smuggling compartment which I use to store weapons in, but it’s a great play feature.

And on the other side is the ramp. Which given how low the ship is to the ground on its landing gear, feels a bit redundant and is barely noticeable on the outside.

As far as screen accuracy goes, for a non-UCS set the details are brilliant. The utilisation of small pieces on the hull really make the Falcon look like the ship in the films. There are some minor inaccuracies but they don’t reduce the quality of the set in my opinion. Firstly, the Falcon’s landing gears raised it higher from the ground. The gun turrets are too big and the cockpit should be able to hold four crew.

But at the end of the day, as I have said in previous Lego reviews, we don’t buy these sets for screen accuracy. The build is fantastic and seeing as this is for all ages and not like the £800 UCS Millennium Falcon that looks 100% screen accurate, I’m not going to hold the inaccuracies over its plastic 1×1 head.

The mini-fig selection is pretty solid, we get five heroes, Rey, Finn, BB-8, Han and Chewie and we get Tasu-Leach and a random Kanjaklub Gang Member for them to fight. All the humans (and Wookiee) get weapons, the heroes look almost right for their characters but the villains get a musket and old-timey pistols from Lego Pirate sets, which are kind of fitting for the characters but don’t really look Star Wars.

Unfortunately, this version of the Millennium Falcon has now been retired to make way for the new Kessel Run Millennium Falcon set from the Solo: A Star Wars Story range of sets, which I hope to be getting soon, so watch this space for a review in the future.

This set is still, by far, my favourite Star Wars Lego set that I have ever built. Is it because it’s the Falcon? Maybe? Did it make me feel nostalgic for 1999 when I first got Star Wars Lego? Possibly? Whatever the reason it doesn’t really matter.

An incredible set, a very fun build but slightly repetitive when building the outer hull plates but not as repetitive as building a TIE Fighters wings. If you haven’t got this set then I do recommend looking for it in stores or on the secondary market because I’m sure it will be a while before we get another OT/ST style Millennium Falcon.

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