Solo: One Week To Go

Spoiler Free Zone!!!

With only one week to go until Solo: A Star Wars Story comes out my anticipation levels are very, very high.

The only problem is, unlike the previous three cinematic instalments to the franchise, there is a longer gap between the premiere and general release.

Meaning, the reviews are starting to come thick and fast. I’m trying to avoid any that don’t say ‘Spoiler Free’ in the title or at least the first paragraph, one such review was from Making Star Wars. Net by Jason Ward that you can read here.

I also took a quick peek at the Empire review to see how many stars they gave it (4 stars).

I tried to spend the past couple of weeks avoiding all things Solo related but the masses of news, pictures and general internet buzz last week for the premiere just got me hyped and I caved. I watched everything the Star Wars Youtube channel has to offer, plus the clip from one of the Tonight Shows that Woody Harrelson did an interview on where *** talks to ******* and *** about the ******* ***** in *** *******. Yeah. You know the one I mean.

John Powell has also released the track listing for the score, which thankfully doesn’t give us a ‘Qui-Gon’s Noble End’ type reveal. But now I’m in full speculation mode I wonder if the tracks are in the order they are in the film, so I’m trying to sort the timeline in my head, something I’ve done for the last three films, and usually I am completely wrong. It’s still fun though.

One thing I can safely say, based on the little tid-bits from headlines and the Jason Ward review I linked earlier, the reception for the film is positive. I’m sure many fans had had worries that within would be the worst of the latest films given its very public production woes but those seem to have been swept under the rug now the film has been seen by some.

Frankly, a week feels too long to wait and the spoiler dodging will be difficult. But in seven days the effort will be well worth it, roll on 00:01 on 24th May.

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