My Star Wars Life Part 13 – The Force Awakens

To say that I was excited for December would be an understatement. New Star Wars!!! Better than Christmas!

I did my best to play it cool, but by March I couldn’t hold it any longer.

I bought The Phantom Menace on DVD, finally and at the end of March, I took a week off work, to use up the last of my holiday. One thing I put on my agenda, watch the Saga, in chronological order. Monday morning I popped in Phantom Menace.

It was the first time I had watched it for years. My VHS copy got chewed up in the video player years before and I never replaced it until then.

And even though I went in with trepidation and memories of disappointment, I really enjoyed it. I could have done without the extended Pod Race but overall I gained a new found appreciation for it.

I planned to watch one episode a day. My wife was working all week so I had that option, but I needed to fill my days with more Star Wars… so I found a website where I could watch Clone Wars episodes.

But like Anakin I wanted more (have I already used that line on a post). So I did some research into the new Canon books and bought A New Dawn by John Jackson Miller and anticipated its arrival.

Tuesday I watched Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. Plus more Clone Wars.

I did a small filming job which are into my viewing schedule but as the footage converted I managed to get more views of the stories from that far, far away galaxy in.

By the end of the week I had watched two and a half seasons and all six films. I had even bought the Clone Wars film on DVD and had ordered Heir to the Jedi and I had been consuming the Marvel Star Wars series on a monthly basis so I was doing well.

Then one day in April I faced my wife’s wrath. I got home from work and found that Star Wars Celebration were live streaming the Force Awakens panel. I pulled my chair up to the computer and watched in awe.

My wife called, asking me to go and buy something for dinner. I agreed, knowing she wouldn’t be home for a while. So instead of going out then and there I carried on watching.

The trailer hit. Those infamous words, “Chewie, we’re home.” echoed through my head. I watched it a couple more times and went out to buy the food.

Luckily my wife got home as the food was nearing the end of cooking, but it was close.

For my birthday, my wife kept going on about how much I was going to love my present, how she was excited to see my face when she showed me what it was.

She caved a couple of weeks before my birthday when she finally got tickets, we were going to Secret Cinema: The Empire Strikes Back, a totally immersive experience that I have written about in detail in this Fridays post.

Needless to say it was amazing.

As the year went on, we got the Behind the Scenes reel from SAN Diego Comic-Con, so much more stuff for us to sink our teeth into.

Force Friday brought floods of merchandise, I got a Deluxe Finn with Armour the day before from the local super market, and I spent Force Friday sat in my house, locked in a room with two cats as we had all of our windows and doors replaced and I watched Clone Wars episodes. Eventually I went out and bought the Journey to the Force Awakens trading card binder and some packs of cards.

I finally got my hands on Chuck Wendig’s first novel Aftermath and devoured it.

In October we got the last trailer and the tickets went on sale. Midnight screening booked and I was ecstatic.

As more and more TV spots showed up I put myself on a Star Wars embargo, no more Force Awakens media for me. So I bought Star Wars Battlefront and played it night after night.

The day finally came and my wife asked how I felt, I told her I was nervous. What if it sucked?

It didn’t.

That Christmas was a Star Wars extravaganza, two collections were started, the Funko Pop! Vinyl collection with Yoda and Boba Fett and the Lego collection with the Millennium Falcon.

Through December I saw The Force Awakens three times (tried to go more but life got in the way).

That New Years, someone said that it was 365 days until the next New Years. After a bit of maths I said it was 350 days until the next Star Wars film. And so we entered 2016 and the year of Rogue One…

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