#Toy Tuesday: The Maul Pop! Vinyls

So far, Funko have released two Pop! Vinyl Darth Maul figures. One from Phantom Menace and the other from Rebels.

The Phantom Menace Maul was released early in the Star Wars range of Pop! Vinyls and is a nice looking figure in the usual hero pose that Funko adopted for the early Pop! figures. It is well detailed and the facial tattoos are incredibly accurate and I love the red swirls in his eyes to symbolise his Sith-ness.

The lightsaber is my only issue with the figure, the rear blade is bent on mine, an issue with the packaging perhaps?

Here you can see the bend in the lightsaber more clearly, but the detail we get in the figure from all angles is incredible and it’s a brilliant representation of the character.

The Rebels Maul Pop! figure was a Smuggler’s Bounty Exclusive for their Rebels box in February 2017, a long with the Rebels Captain Rex. I can very easily say that the Rebels Maul is one of my favourite Pop!s of all time.

This figure is a testament to how the Pop! Vinyl range has evolved over the years. The detail has always been fantastic but this Maul figure is just gorgeous. The full body detail and the sculpt of the lightsaber hilt just blows me away.

The full body tattoos are well painted and the robotic feet look great.

The second Maul figure has a nicer head sculpt, the horns are smaller which I like more and unlike the Phantom Menace figure the head is smooth.

Both figures are great and putting them side-by-side really shows the evolution of Funko’s style, they are, to quite General Grievous, “fine additions to my collection.”

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