My Star Wars Life Part 12 – The Disney Acquisition

It was quiet.

Too quiet.

They announced a writer, Michael Arndt. He had written some films I liked. This was promising.

The speculation on who would direct. Would they follow George Lucas’s original idea. Would we see the original characters in these new films? Will they follow the EU?

A lot of people got it right and it was finally announced that J. J. Abrams would direct. Excellent news.

Then Lawrence Kasdan was announced as a writer for the film. It was like all the stars were aligning and the road to paradise was being shown to us.

Rumours circulated about more films, the stand-alone Star Wars Anthology films. Boba Fett was heavily rumoured as well as a film called Rogue One and the Han Solo film. Episodes VII, VIII and IX were obviously happening of course.

It was announced, on 25th April 2014 that after 35 years the Expanded Universe was being discontinued and the new canon timeline would include the Clone Wars and upcoming Rebels TV series and any books released from then on. Comics were not canon until the franchise returned to Marvel in 2015.

For many this was sacrilege. For me it was a smart move, having fallen significantly behind with my EU reading, I was really not up to date with the goings on in that far, far away galaxy.

It also gave the makers a fresh new playground to roam around in rather than be stuck with a huge continuity that new fans would struggle to catch up with.

A few days later we got the cast announcement and table read photo. The old guard and the new. Speculation was rife. Who were all these new actors playing? The sons and daughters of our heroes? Only time could tell.

The build up for Rebels grew and it was released later that year. I didn’t jump on that bandwagon at the time, not having Disney access was a big factor. But I read about it and liked what I saw.

And then one November afternoon a teaser trailer was released. I was at work and after we closed for the day myself and two co-workers gathered around a computer and played the video.

Wow! I came straight home and watched it on the tv. Names were released for the new characters, Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron, Kylo Ren, BB-8 and Snoke.

And as the year came to an end, my anticipation began to grow…

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