My Star Wars Life Part 11 – The Dark Times

I’ll be honest. After Revenge of the Sith came out I went through a sort of Star Wars apathy.

Every now and then I would watch the films and I kept up with rumours about the live action TV series and the proposed animated Clone Wars series. I didn’t keep up with the comics either. I didn’t really get invested in anything pre-Phantom Menace and after missing out on the last few New Jedi Order novels I didn’t really want to carry on with the post Return of the Jedi era books either.

I dropped out of Uni and worked for a year before going to do a Media course. My friend Aaron was into acting and stage combat, we choreographed a Lightsaber duel. We did it so well we could rival the Obi-Wan vs Anakin duel for speed alone. We filmed it for a project but had to slow down as we were that quick.

In 2008 we were getting the Clone Wars movie to kick-start the TV series in that September/October. I wasn’t keen on the trailer that we saw and work commitments over the summer prevented me from seeing it at the cinema.

I started Uni again and when I did Clone Wars started on TV, I didn’t have access to it so I had my parents record it on their Sky Box. Over that Christmas break I watched what had been recorded and I enjoyed it but due to space issues they cancelled the recording schedule.

I went to Australia for my brothers wedding and on the flight home I finally saw the Clone Wars film, it was enjoyable but I saw why it got bad reviews, it was a three-part story arc they edited together and got Samuel L Jackson and Christopher Lee to go in and record the dialogue. But it was fun.

Over the my second and third years at Uni I managed to keep relatively up to date with the series but as I was relying on streaming sites to do so my efforts sometimes didn’t pan out as I hoped.

After finishing Uni and moving in with my girlfriend (now wife), I found myself a job in a high class establishment. One day we were told that the next day a celebrity was coming in, an apathetic ‘who?’ was uttered by a team member. “Warwick Davis.”

My jaw hit the floor. I begged. I pleaded. I offered my first-born (the offer was not taken) to be his server for lunch. I got my wish.

My plan was to play it cool, and I was thwarted when our team leader took him and his wife to their table and told him I was a huge fan. I did my job, I took their orders. And after their main course his wife asked me how big a fan of Star Wars I was. Well that was it.

I told him that when I first saw Return of the Jedi as a child I got upset because an Ewok that looks a bit like Wicket got killed and I thought it was him, only to be happily surprised to see him later on. Thank god!

We had a very nice chat, I wasn’t just geeking out over his Star Wars roles, I added Willow, Harry Potter and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy to my nerd repertoire. And after his meal he was kind enough to sign my waiter-pad.

A year or so later after a few Saga re-watches I got home one day from work to find some huge news.

Disney has bought Lucasfilm, and we were getting more Star Wars.

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