Speculation: Filoni’s Finale

Just so you know, I wrote this post a week ago prior to the announcement of Star Wars: Resistance on Thursday. I’ve decided to keep this post because it just shows how our speculation can be wrong and not get belligerent over it. Am I disappointed that the following theories are wrong? Not at all. Now please enjoy and then take a look at yesterday’s post.

I don’t think the series finale of Rebels Season 4 could have been any better, especially the epilogue about the Ghost Crew post Return of the Jedi. But it left us with more questions about the future of the animated side of the franchise.

We do know that they are working on a new series, Dave Filoni has admitted as much. They have probably been working on it for a while. Filoni and Pablo Hidalgo have said that what we get on TV is about a year or two behind the writing room.

Meaning they have probably already got Season 1 written and being animated. However this does not mean we cannot speculate on the nature of that series.

So, here are my ideas on what it could be about.

One route they could go down is the Luke and Ben Solo Jedi Adventures. Essentially a few seasons of Ben’s Jedi training and Luke’s Jedi Training Temple. We could have a group of Jedi trainees and they go on Jedi related missions and learn about the Force. And at some point Snoke would be introduced and start to see Ben’s turn to dark.

Problem is, do we want an all Jedi series? Sure it will sell a bunch of Lightsabre toys and everyone loves the Force, but it could get old very quickly.

The other possibility, the one I think is most likely, is rounding out this loose Trilogy that Filoni has created. Clone Wars is the opening, young Ahsoka and detailing the last years of the Jedi. Rebels gave us an older Ahsoka, not a Jedi and showing the life of a Force user during the Imperial rule. The third part would have an older Ahsoka on her last mission, to find Ezra with Sabine.

This third series would round out Filoni’s Ahsoka Trilogy, giving us the much needed closure for the character. Should she die in the series? Probably. She needs to fulfil her promise to find Ezra and after that the two of them could start to rebuild a group of Force users, but not have an over abundance of Force users.

This series could also give us (and Filoni) closure on the loose plot threads of Rebels and the characters that we were introduced to in Clone Wars and Rebels. What happened to the Bendu? Where did Ezra and Thrawn end up. What does Ahsoka get up to? Will we get a new Jedi Order? We could explore a new side of the Star Wars Galaxy, the Unknown Regions and we have an opportunity to introduce new villains, different from the Empire or First Order.

Do I want this to be Filoni’s last series set in the Star Wars Universe? Not at all but I think we need to move on from the current timeline of the Prequel, Original and Sequel Trilogies and focus on other time periods within the Star Wars Galaxy. Maybe a KOTOR series to please those fans? Or maybe tell some new stories set after Episode IX and whilst they are at it, give Filoni a shot at directing a live action film.

Whatever this new series will be and whatever Filoni does in the Star Wars franchise I’ll be watching with anticipation. Kathleen Kennedy may be in charge but George Lucas also gave Filoni the keys to the kingdom and I can’t wait to see what he does.

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