My Star Wars Life Part 10 – Revenge of the Sith

So the run-up to the most anticipated film since Phantom Menace began.

Like with Attack of the Clones, we were graced with preview figures for Revenge of the Sith. General Grievous was the one I bought, with removable cape, a blaster and a lightsaber. And the one purchase I couldn’t stop myself from making, Anakin’s Jedi Starfighter. Damn it was a nice looking ship.

The prequel novel, Labyrinth of Evil was released, the events of which led directly into ‘Sith’ was released in the January, and it was amazing.

Rumours were flying around like Mynocks in a Space Slug, some had some weight to them, others were dire, as is always the case.

The second of April was the big merchandise push and that morning I went straight into town with my first weeks wages from my new holiday job working in a scaffolding yard.

The first purchase, the official novelisation by Matthew Stover. I then made my way to Toys R Us. I felt very restrained when I only bought the Obi-Wan and Anakin figures (but got a free Holographic Yoda). I was so excited to read the book that I started reading it as I walked home.

A month later, my action figure collection had grown exponentially, the Lego Anakin’s Starfighter set had been built and the next merchandise push was underway. I got the game on the Nintendo DS and then the soundtrack which included a DVD of specially made music videos. That soundtrack worked on so many levels, Anakin’s Betrayal is still one of my favourite tracks on any Star Wars soundtrack.

The day finally arrived. Mum had made me a Jedi Robe that I wore to the first showing.

Dad had bought us tickets for the afternoon. Watched it twice in a row. I cried a lot that day, good tears. Well, emotional tears for the story and characters. I loved the film.

The cinema ran a promotion. Basically watch the film four times and each time you got a new poster. There was Yoda, 501st Clone Trooper, Vader and Anakin Vs Obi-Wan. I saw it four times in four days. I got them all.

Star Wars fever was high for that year. Dad worked away and he was able to get some bootleg DVD’s one time and he got us Revenge of the Sith.

I remember fondly one night I was watching it in the front room as my folks were in the kitchen and he came in and handed me a beer, sat down and we just watched it.

Of course, when the actual DVD was released I bought it on the day of release. There was something bittersweet about buying it though, now that I had all the films on DVD, that was it. Lucas had said he wasn’t making any more Star Wars films. There were rumours about TV shows but that was just speculation at the time. The big question was ‘what’s next?

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