Fan Speculation: Fun Fandom or Dangerous Path

I thought that I had better address this before continuing with an idea I’ve had for some upcoming posts.

Fan speculation.

For years, as we watched the Original Trilogy, be it as far back as 1977 or as recent as 1999 (pre May) all of us Star Wars fans have speculated on what could/would happen in the future films.

Just look at the EU, twenty-plus years of speculations about the future of the characters we loved.

Who didn’t speculate on the events of the Clone Wars or how and why did Anakin become Darth Vader?

I even went hunting for books about the events prior to A New Hope when I was younger after my Sister had told me that George Lucas had written it. I hadn’t realised that she meant a script that would become The Phantom Menace. My bad.

As the Prequel Trilogy hit cinemas we finally got the stories that we had speculated on for years, the meeting of Anakin and Obi-Wan. The training of Anakin. The fall of the Republic. The Clone Wars. The rise of the Empire. The transformation of Anakin to Darth Vader.

Speculation was rife after the announcement of the sequel trilogy and continues to be as more and more films and tv shows are announced.

And we sit and we think about ‘what will happen?’

And it’s all good fun.

But it’s not is it? But why?

When did this fan base-wide enjoyment become so toxic for lack of a better word?

People have criticised the sequel trilogy for not following their own personal fan theories. Rey is Luke’s daughter!!! No she’s not, according to Lucasfilm. The fan base goes rabid. Luke Skywalker sacrifices himself for the good of the Galaxy. Well according to Mr. So-and-so from Bumblescum in mid-Europe he should have rebuilt his X-Wing using the Force, flown to Crait, used the Force to destroy the First Order forces on the ground and run off to have more adventures. Not what happened and now they attack Lucasfilm, Kathy Kennedy and anyone else they think ruined Star Wars where in fact they didn’t follow Mr. So-and-so’s theory.

At what point did the fan base decide that everyone’s individual theories were canon and then become so angry when the people who are paid the large sums of money to create, write, plot, film, edit, film some more, edit some more then release these films do their jobs?

If every armchair director got the film they wanted the franchise would be down the toilet. He’ll if every armchair director actually went to film school then the film industry would be overflowing.

Trust me, I make short films, and as much as I would love to work on a Star Wars film I really wouldn’t write or direct, because, despite the issues they have had with some of the creative teams, in my opinion they are doing the best job.

And like everyone I had theories. The one that came to pass was Rey’s parents and I LOVE THAT IDEA. But if it was revealed she was Luke’s daughter I wouldn’t complain because as much as I love Star Wars, it’s not all about me and what I want. There is a massive fan base out there and even though no Star Wars film will please everyone they still need to reach the largest possible audience.

And now the reason I am writing this post, in the coming weeks I will be posting about MY speculation on the future of Star Wars. Episodes IX, X, XI and XII, the next animated series and beyond. And whilst it may not come to pass and I may be completely wrong it’ll be fun writing and hopefully fun reading but I won’t be mad if it doesn’t happen.

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