Musings: The Star Wars Podcasting Community

After The Force Awakens came out I felt the desire to be involved with as much Star Wars conversation as I could, but I didn’t really know anyone with the same passion for it as me. So I turned to the one place I could get as much Star Wars talk as I could manage. Podcasts.

The first one I listened to was ‘Now This is Podcasting!’ From the Making Star Wars. Net Podcast Network.

I was quite familiar with the site but had never ventured into the podcasts but it was a needs must situation.

I dove right in with what was the latest episode and after listening to a couple more to really get a feel for the show I was an avid listener, going back a few episodes to satiate my Star Wars talk needs, discussing the news, spoilers and various musings of the Star Wars Universe. These guys were even my soundtrack as I walked around Star Wars Celebration Europe in 2016.

Then I dove headfirst into The Cantina Cast, another member of the Making Star Wars Podcast Network, where the hosts dissect and analyse the characters and events from the films to the slightest detail. Again this was perfect for me and by now I have listened to the majority of their catalogue of episodes.

This network had more shows that I could sink my teeth into, Tarkin’s Top Shelf where they discuss the novels and Idiots Array were my next ventures into the aural world of Star Wars conversation.

More shows have come and gone on the network. Most of which I listen to on a regular basis. Some I avoided for a while, such as Steele Wars, by comedian Steele Saunders. I never gave it a chance until he was a guest on Now This is Podcasting and he was incredibly entertaining, so I gave in and started listening some time in late 2016. The first episodes I listened to were the Blog Pods from SWCE where Steele was recording stuff from the convention (I was even sat behind him in a couple of panels working on the episodes and I never put two and two together). Listening to those episodes gave me such Celebration nostalgia it was almost depressing.

In early 2017 I jumped on to Rogue Won: A Star Wars Podcast For Winners, a great series hosted by three of the nicest guys in all of Star Wars fandom. And recently I have started listening to another podcast from one of those three hosts called Blue Harvest, which I tried to listen to a year ago when they first joined the MSWPCN but either the episode wasn’t for me or I wasn’t in the right mood for it but after getting into it recently I can’t quite understand what my problem was, Hawes Burkhardt is a Star Wars podcasting legend.

My love of Star Wars Rebels led me to finding The Star Wars Underworld Podcasts, especially at the time their ‘Live From Lothal’ series and I started listening to the rest of their shows.

I have listened to others, sometimes for one episode, sometimes more, usually if a host from one of my regular listens guests on another show I’ll more than likely give it a go, and then download a tonne of episodes, trust me, I need them to get through work.

It probably sounds silly but having the near constant stream of Star Wars discussions makes each work day that bit more bearable and any car journey, no matter how short is usually accompanied by a Podcast.

Now I don’t only listen to Star Wars podcasts but the majority are.

Whether it’s up to date Star Wars news from Randy, Jason, Sal and now Corey (and occasionally Steele) on Now This is Podcasting, or Steele interviewing someone who loves the franchise almost as much as him or Johnny, Hawes and Mike waxing lyrical and holding fake phone calls with each other I can’t get enough. It’s like sting back and listening to different groups of friends chatting away whilst you sit back and listen.

I can’t thank any of them enough for what their contributions to the fandom have done for me personally but what I can say is, if you like Star Wars and you like podcasts give these shows a go (and trust me, they haven’t paid me for this adoration filled post).

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