God Speed Rebels

In a matter of hours we will be witnessing the end of an era, the end of Star Wars Rebels.

Rebels has been a divisive element of the Star Wars Universe in the years since Disney took over, having The Clone Wars be cancelled mid-way through the production of Season 6 and then given what, on the surface seemed like a watered down, overtly kiddified idea of what a new Star Wars animated series could be.

The announcements of the characters were underwhelming. A pilot, a grouchy droid, the alien muscle, the artsy warrior, the fallen Jedi and some street urchin that may or may not be Force – sensitive. I was dismayed, given the time period and two leads being Force Users all I could think was ‘can’t we move away from the Force and just see what the Rebellion was all about before A New Hope?’ (Cue Rogue One). And I held out watching with when it finally started airing.

I had read A New Dawn, my first book in the new canon and very much enjoyed it, so much so that I am currently reading it for the third time, so it felt right that I dive in head first to the series.

My initial reaction was that it had promise but it was very much aimed for children. Given the channel it was shown on I was hardly surprised.

As I made my way through season one I was drawn in. The Grand Inquisitor made for a top notch Star Wars villain. The development of the characters was good and by the end of the series we started to see the formation of the Rebel Alliance.

The second season opened brilliantly. ‘Siege of Lothal’ will remain in my top 5 episodes for years to come. Same for the finale ‘Twilight of the Apprentice’, that music still gives me chills.

I was at Star Wars Celebration Europe (London) in 2016 and I was in the Rebels season 3 panel queue from 3.15am. I met a few people I am now connected with on Facebook and later that day I was stood 2 foot away from Dave Filoni. I was just too slow to get a picture with the legend but the memory remains.

I was in the room when they announced Thrawn in the season 3 trailer. I joined in with the almost football stadium chant of ‘Thrawn! Thrawn! Thrawn!’ And smiled with unbridled glee when we watched the season opener.

Season three scratched my itch for character development. But was underwhelmed by the lack of direction for Zeb. The filler episodes slowed it down, much like season 2 and even though it was great, the finale wasn’t up to par with season 2 but I was not dissuaded. How many filler episodes did we have to deal with on Lost? And that was an amazing series.

And here we are. Season 4. By far the best season we have had (my opinion). Like season one the shorter season has worked in its favour, less filler episodes and after the ‘In the Name of the Rebellion’ 2 parter we have had a season long storyline with no deviations. Since our heroes landed on Lothal my anticipation for what could come has been through the roof.

And the last four episodes have been stellar. (Spoilers) Kanan’s death hit me hard. I love the character and I have loved watching him develop over the past four years, from the cocky, overconfident yet drunken former Padawan to the wise and powerful Jedi Knight (surely he could be classed as a Master now though) who sacrificed himself for the cause. The episode ‘DUME’ will be long remembered as the Ghost crew dealt with the loss, and so did the fans.

And a last week we were introduced to the Star Wars concept of time travel. Which until I saw the episode I would never have thought it would happen and in fact hoped it wouldn’t but it did and it worked. It was great to have Ahsoka back even for one episode and gave us the closure we have needed from two seasons ago, Ahsoka lives!

And here we are, waiting for the end as the hour gets ever closer. As I am UK based I can’t watch it live, but my alarm is set so I can try to watch it all before I go to work. It’s the end of an era and I don’t want spoilers.

Will anyone else on the crew die? Any of the supporting characters? I don’t know. All I know is Hera, Chopper and the Ghost make it out safely.

Do I know what I want from it? A satisfying ending, that’s all and given the great things he has done so far, I fully trust Dave Filoni to give us such a farewell to these now beloved characters.

And so I quote Amilyn Holdo’s final words, “God speed Rebels.”

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